Healthcare Client

  • PartnerAnonymised
  • ProjectWhite Label
  • Categorydemand gen
  • Year2021/22

web & social

optimised for client

-47% CPL


5,100+ Leads

Delivered in under 8 months

The Challenge

Generating role applications in a hyper-competitive job market

One of the UK’s leading care home providers approached our agency partner looking for a recruitment-based lead gen campaign. That means all the considerations of a usual lead gen campaign, but with severely weakened targeting on Facebook & Instagram.

Having moved first & introduced a vaccine mandate for their staff, the end-client needed some support generating applications in an already competitive hiring market.

The initial pilot was scheduled for December through January – a blessing and a curse. ‘New year, new me’ only gets you so far in the midst of heightened spend & festive distractions.

Our approach

analyse, optimise, scale.

We first analysed the end-client’s creative & gave it a bit of a refresh. We had a good base to start with, particularly with the excellently shot video creative our agency partner generated.

Next up, we took the end-client’s historic applicant database, as well as their existing employee data to create some pretty reliable Custom Audiences. This gave us a good base to target from.

We then took 50% of the budget and assigned it to a nationwide campaign using the above audience – this gave us our awareness play & started building out some pretty tasty retargeting options.

Final piece of the puzzle – a second campaign layer to retarget on a localised base. We took the postcode of all the end-client’s carehomes, +/-20km & got running.

This meant that, as prospects engaged with the awareness plays at ToF, we could retarget over the course of a week with the vacancies in their local area.

It’s fiddly, and took some setting up, but the results speak for themselves…

the results

Record application numbers generated

Compared to the previous best performing month earlier in the year (- before we took over the account).

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We were able to run the campaign successfully through the festive pilot, securing a lucrative ongoing contract for ZH & our agency partner some 9 months later (at the time of writing).

We’re currently getting deep into creative testing, as well as manually managing regional budget distribution to cater to open vacancies each month.