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  • ProjectAgency Servicing
  • Categorydemand gen
  • Year2021/22

The Challenge

Putting SEO in focus

An agency partner approached us to help give their digital presence the TLC it needed.  SEO felt like a worthwhile investment to explore long-term organic acquisition options.

The scenario – we were sitting (not so) pretty on Page 7, competing with some serious spenders in their local area of Central London. When we set out we knew we were going to have to get quite clever to reach the promised land of Page 1 – let along Rank 1…

Our Solution

The Future of Film

Why do SEO execs love the farmer’s market? Lots of organic content.
Jokes aside, that’s just about what we did.

First up, we conducted a deep-dive site audit to dig up all the options available to us. From quick wins to larger dev. tasks, we had plenty to get on with on the client’s WordPress site.

Taking a pretty novel approach to link & authority building, we created a few super high-engagement assets to attract large media outlets and publications. We only needed one or two to pick it up & we’d start climbing, fast.

Next, we created a series of ‘badges’ to award to industry-relevant sites. A nice new shiny badge for their footer, in exchange for a reference & backlink – seems fair if you ask us.

The rest is kind of getting into secret sauce as it’s pretty niche & unique to our client. But, rest assured, there’s plenty more where that came from – it’s just about finding the right approach for your business/client.

the results

A leading digital presence throughout 2021/22

From the wilderness of Page 7 to the well deserved place at the top of Page 1. Organic traffic is way up, as is session duration & conversion rates. As we roll out our relatively light social retargeting, we’re building a well oiled & truly cost-effective acquisition channel that can start to lift the burden of increasing PPC costs.