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  • Year2022

new brand

created in 4 weeks

new website

developed in 4 weeks

launch assets

to assist GTM strategy

the brand

A modern & fluid aesthetic that aligns with the existing parent brand’s identity.

Sherpa & PartnerActivate’s focus is to release products created with, and for, Vendors to improve efficiency, increase ROI and deliver a positive, streamlined Partner experience.

The brief was simple – create a brand that represented the simple, fluid, and forward-facing technology solutions PartnerActivate were launching, without straying too far from the central existing Sherpa brand.

Our approach

A considered and thorough delivery…

As an established agency within their sector, we first focused on leveraging their existing brand to bring over any suitable elements to the new concept.

The client’s brand colours, font & imagery all create a distinct & sophisticated visual language – so we took those as the parameter to work within.. 

The purpose of the product is to enable the Partner experience to be as seamless and productive as possible – we wanted to represent this in a fluid, minimal brand.  Anything too intricate or bold would detract from the core product & feel overbearing on the digital platform. 

Finally, we turned to the usage of modern, abstract architecture within the Sherpa brand.

Bringing the fluid nature of the PartnerActivate product together with their forward-facing mission left us with a distinct logo & brand concept that is sure to stand the test of time.