• PartnerSHERPA
  • ProjectWhite Label
  • CategoryContent
  • Year2022

100+ Assets

Delivered 4 weeks early

web & social

to promote the event

1 hero video

see below…

The Challenge

Promoting Sage Partner Summit 2022

After a successful virtual event in 2021, we were tasked by one of our agency partners, Sherpa, to create assets to promote Sage’s 2022 instalment – this time in Dallas!

One issue though – midway through our build timeline, Sage were planning a full & comprehensive rebrand. 

That meant, whilst assets were required almost immediately to KO promotion, at some point within the six weeks before Sage’s Summit, we’d need to reapply just about all the assets to their (amazing) new brand.

Our Solution

Prioritise, plan, process.

We established a priority order, quick wins & component lists.

We were left with a natural break between ‘must-haves’ before the rebrand vs. net-new content for post brand launch. 

Once we had the project mapped out, we got busy creating initial content with the familiar Sage brand. Working closely with our contact at Sage, we were able to deliver the first round a fortnight early. From there, taking on extra bits was a breeze.

When the new brand came around, we coordinated with the Sage brand team to ensure we were plenty prepared to incorporate the new elements into the asset requirements.

Wind forward two weeks – Everything delivered, to spec, on time. Sage’s new brand rolled out. Job done. On to next year’s event!