• PartnerSHERPA
  • ProjectWhite Label
  • CategoryContent
  • Year2021

sub brand

delivered in 3 weeks

web & email

to engage partners



The Challenge

Engaging diverse Partner sales teams across the UK.

As the world returns to normal, the video call solution market has become more competitive than ever.

To stay ahead, Zoom identified a stronger Partner sales network as a key point of difference.  For us, this meant incentivising reps to promote Zoom as ‘the’ solution for their clients.

This was a laser-targeted campaign – we only needed to engage a few hundred reps, across a few dozen companies.

our solution

A unique & truly exciting competition to deliver unforgettable prizes.

We worked with an agency partner, Sherpa, to create some awesome prizes, a brand to deliver them & a digital home to host the competition from.

The client wanted the brand to be fun and distinguishable from their central brand, without moving to an unrecognisable point.

We knew, given our immersion sessions with the client, that a concept that focused on positioning quarterly sales as a ‘race’ would be most effective. With a resulting leaderboard to keep track of top performers, we created a truly engaging microsite, accessible only via white-listed user accounts to maintain confidentiality.

the results

Engaged Partners = increased sales…

As we rolled out the new brand & platform via our custom comms plan, we saw immediate uptake from many Partners, both big and small. 

This led to dozens of signups, with thousands of pounds worth of deals accounted for on the regularly updated leaderboard. 

With the top performers jockeying for pole position, we were able to ramp up the stakes by offering a luxury 5* overnight stay to compliment a full track day experience, driving some of the fastest cars on the UK’s roads.

The outcome – a truly engaged micro-community, generating a previously unobtainable level of Partner revenue.

The project demonstrated that, in under just one financial quarter, we delivered new sub-brand, housed it on a custom platform, and activated a new revenue stream for Zoom.