We love to build and execute community-first social media marketing campaigns for our partners.

The average age of our marketing operations team is 24 – the only world they know is one with dominant social media platforms setting culture and driving brand success.

Building a loyal and engaged community is vital to long-term success for practically any campaign, and our team is perfectly positioned to help.

The foundation of what we do…

Explore the ZH.A social media Offering.

starting at £500p/m.

  1. Strategy

    We can create bespoke strategies,  tailored to enable you and your client become clear on who you’re selling to, the business’ strengths, and how we’re going to demonstrate them.

  2. Social Posting

    We use software to do the heavy lifting on scheduling (shoutout Vista Social) so our marketing team can focus on creating the best content for whatever platforms you’re targeting.

  3. Post Design

    Our in-house design team are well versed in creating social-optimised content. Whether it’s a static image, carousel or Reel, we’re ready to get the best content delivered for your campaigns.

  4. Content Marketing

    Blog articles, email campaigns, lead magnets – you mention it, we can manage your campaign from ideation through to execution. Bonus points if you’re using Mailchimp to drive traffic to a Wordpress site…

‘plug and play…’

a typical month –

all managed by zh.

  1. Week 1 | Prep

    We’ll come armed to our monthly update call with the latest report, a look ahead to upcoming activity & some fresh ideas to keep things interesting for the profiles’ audiences. We’ll then get busy preparing the content for the upcoming month.

  2. Week 2 | Roll-Out

    We check in every Monday with our clients to make sure they’re in the loop & to give everyone an opportunity to contribute ideas & updates. We’ll usually start rolling out the month’s content in Week 2.

  3. Week 3 | Monitor

    While the content’s busy going live, we stay busy growing our profiles’ followings, monitoring competitors, manual posts & handling user enquiries in the comments.

  4. Week 4 | Wrap-Up

    We’ll begin preparing the month’s report, looking at top-performing posts, competitor developments and any pre-defined KPIs for the client.